About Workshops


Art Class Workshops OakvilleThere are a several workshop formats that you can choose from depending on how many evenings you are prepared to commit to, what you want to achieve, and what your skill/experience level is. All painting will be done in acrylic regardless of what the workshop is.

A single evening workshop is 2.5 hours and you complete a painting from beginning to end within that time frame. Paintings are typically 16 x 20” but the canvas size will be clearly indicated on each specific workshop event page. Single workshops will be rated as easy, moderate, or hard, depending on how many colours there are in the painting and how many steps it requires (which determines the speed at which the painting is taught).

A double evening workshop consists of 2 sessions of 2.5 hours, each typically on the same day of the week, two weeks in a row. These double workshops are slightly more complex and we recommend you start with a single workshop or two before you try a  double workshop. They are perfect for those who have enjoyed the fully guided paintings but are looking to learn a bit more and expand on their skill set.  During the first session, you will go through basic techniques, colour mixing, composition planning and brainstorming. Although you will learn a painting with Tori, painters are encouraged to be creative and use their own ideas to develop their painting.

Painters are highly encouraged to bring their own source materials (i.e. photos, colour swatches, pictures of other paintings, etc.) The second evening will be further developing your ideas and continuing to add details, eventually completing your painting.  These sessions will be less step-by-step and more guided (with the artist instructor helping you work through your ideas to create what you envisioned). Each specific workshop will be clearly labeled with the recommended skill level.  We encourage you to progress through the levels as you gain experience and confidence.