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The Rise in Popularity of Painting Parties

Learning how to paint can feel intimidating to many. Maybe you’ve always wanted to pick up a paintbrush but getting started was scary and you were unsure where to begin. Only people with natural talent or a burning desire for art are brave enough to apply to art schools. Formal lessons mean years of study while being judged or pressured to paint something noteworthy. For many, this structured path takes the fun and creativity out of what should be a pleasurable pursuit. Others want to learn to paint, but simply have too many other obligations in life to make that commitment. Yet – wouldn’t it feel great to create something with your own hands?

People feel connected to art because a painting can invoke moods, emotions, memories and more. Art brings color into our homes. How special would it be to have art that you created yourself while with friends and family hanging on a wall? Crafting an image out of nothing on a blank canvas is a satisfaction like no other, especially when done just for fun.

The idea behind painting parties was to get back to the fun, the creativity and the personal expression of making art. These parties are events where people get to socialize, enjoy a cocktail and do something productive. The end of the evening results in a feeling of rejuvenation and accomplishment – as you hold your newly created masterpiece. While that painting may never hang in the Louvre, it will hang in your own home – where your friends can admire your artistic skill (and your adventurousness).

Another great thing about painting parties is that they don’t require any long term investment or commitment. You can simply choose to go any evening you want to. There is also no need buy a set of expensive materials since all supplies are provided. You simply show up in paint friendly clothes to enjoy the social atmosphere and joy of shared creativity.

Painting parties are also a breath of fresh air to those looking for a novel event as a change from a common social activities like going to the movies, a book club, bridal shower, card party, girl’s night out, bowling league, etc. Companies find private painting events to be a good bonding experience for their employees. Some people enjoy going on their own and meeting new people at the events. Painting parties have become so popular because they make for a great night out.
Paint With Me is bringing this social phenomenon to the Oakville, Burlington and Greater Toronto area. See for yourself why these painting parties are so popular. No experience is needed. Just grab a friend, pick an event and join us!

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