Paint With Me – FAQ

Do I need experience?

No! Not at all! The fun of painting is just the experience of creating, not how skilled you are at it, so Paint with Me is suitable for all skill levels. That being said, there are different paintings every week and they are all labeled with the “recommended” skill level, but if you feel adventurous, feel free to sign up for whatever strikes your fancy!

Does everyone else have experience that attends? (Will I feel lost?)

Most people who come have little to no experience so fear not! You won’t be alone :).  If it is your first time, we recommend you choose a painting session that is rated “Beginner”.

Difficulty level definitions:

Beginner: Minimal Steps (3-6), Minimal colour mixing (3-6), less complex shapes/components

Intermediate: Slightly more steps (6-12), more colours to mix (6-12), little more complex shapes/components

Experienced: 12+ steps, 12+ colours to mix, fairly complex shapes/components

Challenge: 20+ steps,  20+ colour to mix, complex shapes/components

Both Beginner and intermediate classes are recommended for inexperienced or new painters while we recommend experienced or challenge workshops for those that have already done a few and would like a challenge/push. themselves

What supplies are we given?

  • Paint
  • Paper towels/j-cloths
  • Plate for paint
  • Apron
  • Easel
  • Canvas
  • Paint brushes
  • Cup for paint water

The paint brushes and colours provided are the ones we believe are required to make the specific painting so if you wish to bring your own personal brushes or paints feel free! (just don’t forget to take them home with you)

How much does a single workshop cost?

$40.00 CDN + HST per person.

How much does a double workshop cost?

$75.00 CDN + HST per person.

How much would a group / private / corporate workshop cost?

We would need to know more about your event size, location, duration and other details before determining the cost. Please contact Tori with your ideas & questions at for more information and to select a date for your workshop.

Do you offer discounts or coupons?

On occasion there may be a coupon offered on our website so check back regularly.

Is food or drink included in the price of my ticket?

No, the materials necessary for the painting are included but any food or drink is up to you.

Can I reserve seats ahead of time?

There will be no seat reservations taken ahead of time, but one member of your group can arrive early and claim seats for others in the group.   No problem!

What time should I get there?

Due to seating being first come, first seated, it is recommended that you arrive 20-40 min before the workshop begins. This is also helpful if you intend to eat before hand at our restaurant locations, as they can become quite busy if everyone arrives at the same time and expects to eat quickly.

Can you eat while you paint?


Can I enjoy a drink while I paint?

Yes! Absolutely, it is a social event after all!

Can I bring children?

The minimum age for attending and participating in a workshop is 14, as a certain level of maturity is expected. Please note that most sessions take place in an environment where adults are drinking, and music with explicit language might be played.

Can I bring friends/ children along who are not painting?

You are welcome to bring people along if they are sitting outside of the workshop section. However, we ask that anyone who is not painting to stay outside the designated painting section. We go to a lot of effort to ensure that all painters have enough room around them to paint and to feel comfortable (without added distractions). We cannot accommodate children under 14 in the painting section.

Can I cancel my ticket?

Tickets may be cancelled 48 hours (2 days) or more before a workshop without penalty. Alternatively, you may choose to give your ticket to a friend or you may choose to transfer to another workshop (of equal value within 30 days). Cancelled tickets within 48 hours (2 days) of the workshop are not refundable.

Cancelled workshops?

We make every effort to avoid cancelling workshops but it can happen due to insufficient ticket sales; the venue becoming unable to host (unexpected issue), or the artist physically cannot host due to illness. You will receive a full refund for a cancelled workshop or, alternatively, can choose to transfer to another workshop (of equal value within 60 days).