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About Tori

About Artist Tori BerendsI’m a girl with a passion for painting! I’ve been interested in many different forms of art all my life, but the one form that always gives me the most joy is painting. Creating an image out of nothing is just a very satisfying experience. I’m an abstract painter with a background in portraiture and I love to incorporate landscapes into my abstracts. I think you can find inspiration from the most simple and banal parts of life and use them to create art.

I have a Studio Art Honours Degree from the University of Guelph (2015), where I specialized in painting and print making, but I’ve been painting with acrylics since my love affair with art began all the way back to finger painting on the kitchen floor. My recent works will soon be available for viewing on my Gallery page.

Despite being formally trained at school, I firmly believe that anyone can paint and you should not let your fear of being imperfect at it stop you from trying. Some of the most amazing art in the world comes from the minds of those who are not bogged down with all the “rules”.  Everyone deserves to have the opportunity of experiencing the satisfaction and accomplishment you feel from creating your own painting. What better way to experience that than at Paint With Me where the atmosphere is relaxed, everyone is having fun, and I’m there to guide you through your very own creation!

I have personally hosted over 200 social painting events in the Guelph, Kitchener-Waterloo, and Cambridge areas and am now setting down roots in my hometown of Oakville and the surrounding areas. I am hosting social painting workshops in local establishments, or I can come to YOU for your private event.

Each workshop is 2.5 hours long and has a cap of 20 people. We have plenty of space, but with a smaller group, there will be much more time for one-on-one attention and aid. These workshops are for any skill level – from complete beginner to professional artist who just wants to have some fun! We have different painting and workshop formats for varying skill levels. Please refer to our Workshop (hyperlink this) page for details. Regardless of your skill and experience level, we will be there to guide you through learning the basics to tricks of the trade, culminating in you creating a work of art!

These workshops are for fun, trying new things, and for the satisfaction of creating, so there is NO pressure to be good or to copy perfectly. Every single person will make something unique. So bring your friends, wear some paint friendly clothes, prepare for some good tunes, fun people, and GREAT art!